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Institute of Computational Comparative Medicine

Pharmacokinetic Pharmacodynamic Consulting Laboratory

We offer consultation services to fellow academic scientists in pharmacokinetic and
pharmacodynamic study design, data analysis, model development, and data interpretation.
Ideally, such consultations should occur before the project is initiated to ensure proper
experimental design.

Our expertise includes:

  • Non-compartmental pharmacokinetic analysis
  • Compartmental pharmacokinetic modeling
  • Population pharmacokinetic analysis using nonlinear mixed effects modeling
  • Physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling
  • Population physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling using Monte Carlo simulations
  • Bayesian population physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling using Markov chain Monte Carlo simulations
  • Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling
  • Physiologically based pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling

We may request co-authorship or charge a fee depending on the time commitment and level of
scientific contribution to the project.

We also welcome visiting faculty members, postdocs or PhD students to work with us on
pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic modeling projects and co-publish our collaborative work.
We are regretful that we do not have funds to pay any living expenses and other associated costs,
but we are happy to provide support letters to help apply for funds. We regularly have sabbatical
professors or visiting professors attached to the center.

Please note that our agreement, which establishes the ICCM as a Certera® Center of Excellence,
specifically prevents us from doing analyses for purely non-academic commercial purposes. All
projects should contribute to our core mission of providing quality training and research
opportunities for students, residents and post-docs. Fees charged will go towards stipends for
students and post-docs, the maintenance of computer hardware, and the purchase of software that
is not available through Certara®.