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Institute of Computational Comparative Medicine

Welcome to the Analytical Chemistry Core! 

The Analytical Chemistry laboratory is housed in Mosier Hall, Room P221 of the College of Veterinary Medicine Complex. This core laboratory is equipped with state of the art analytical instrumentation, including UPLC, ICP-MS, GC-MS/MS and ion chromatography.

In addition to the analytical instrument, we have the capabilities to prepare samples using different techniques: liquid-liquid extraction, solid phase extraction, QuEChERS, microwave acid digestion, sample concentration using a rotavap or a vacuum concentrator, sample derivatization.

The laboratory is providing the sample preparation when needed and the analysis. For user interested in running the equipment by themselves, we require them to be trained by laboratory personnel.

Analytical Chemistry Manager
Geraldine Magnin 

Analytical Chem Core Map
Confocal Core Map
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