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Institute of Computational Comparative Medicine

PopPK Models

  1. Li M., Gehring R., Tell L., Baynes R., Huang Q., Riviere, J.E. :Interspecies Mixed-Effect Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Penicillin G in Cattle and Swine. Antimicrob Agents Chemother, 58(8), 4495-4503,2014. Access Model Code | Link to article

  2. Lin Z., Cuneo M., Rowe J.D., Li M., Tell L.A., Allison S., Carlson J., Riviere J.E., Gehring R. Estimation of tulathromycin depletion in plasma and milk after subcutaneous injection in lactating goats using a nonlinear mixed-effects pharmacokinetic modeling approach. BMC Veterinary Research. 2016;12(1):258. Access model code | Access raw data | Link to article
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John Doull Award

Dr. Jim Riviere was awarded  “The John Doull Award” from the Central States Society of Toxicology Read more

ICCM Announces first two KSU Faculty Cluster Appointments: Dr. Jeffrey Comer and Dr. Victoriya Volkova  Read more

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Construction on the new ICCM facilities is complete and staff is now settling in.

Dr. Jim RiviereExpert Exchange
Dr. Jim Riviere

University clinical pharmacologist collaborates with international colleagues about chronic lead intoxication in goats  Read More