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Institute of Computational Comparative Medicine

Dr. Jim E. Riviere

Jim RiviereDirector Emeritus


1976 B.S. Biology; M.S. Endocrinology, Boston College
1980 D.V.M., Purdue University
1980 Ph.D. Pharmacology, Purdue University
2007 D.Sc. (honoris causa), Purdue University
Elected Member, Institute of Medicine of the National Academies



  • Mathematical modeling and pharmacokinetics of drug, chemical and nanomaterial ADME and disposition.
  • Interspecies allometry.
  • Pharmacokinetics and QSAR of dermal absorption of complex mixtures.
  • Developing biologically relevant metrics of nanomaterial biodistribution.
  • Global chemical food safety.
Selected Publications

Choi K, Riviere JE, Monteiro-Riviere NA. Protein corona modulation of hepatocyte uptake and molecular mechanisms of gold nanoparticle toxicity. Nanotoxicology  11(1):64-75, 2017. 

Chen R, Riviere JE. Biological surface adsorption index of nanomaterials: modelling surface interactions of nanomaterials with biomolecules. Adv Exp Med Biol 947:207-253, 2017.

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