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Institute of Computational Comparative Medicine

Majid Jaberi-Douraki

Majiid JaberiAssociate Professor


PhD, Applied Mathematics, University of Laval
MSc, Applied Mathematics, Amirkabir University of Technology
BSc, Mathematics, University of Isfahan

Academic Appointments
Associate Professor, Kansas State University, Manhattan
Research Associate, Centre for Applied Mathematics in Bioscience and Medicine, McGill University
MITACS Postdoctoral Research Fellow, York University
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of New Brunswick

Dr. Jaberi-Douraki's group is currently seeking job applicants for various roles, including PhD and post-doctoral fellow positions. Please contact Dr. Jaberi-Douraki with an explanation of your previous education and areas of interest. PhD job candidates should formally apply through the Kansas State University Graduate School. Ask Dr. Jaberi-Douraki for more details on that process.

P203 Mosier Hall
Phone: 785-532-4733
Email: jaberi@vet.k-state.edu


Modeling of Biological
and Epidemiological Sci.


Autoimmune and Infectious Diseases, Mechanism of Relapse-Remission, Protein Folding in Endoplasmic Reticulum, Pathogen-Host Dynamics, Age-Structured Modelling

Dynamical Systems

Theory of Difference and Integrodifference Equations, Existence Problems, Stability Analysis, Oscillation and Bifurcation, and Perturbation Theories

Control Theory

Optimal Control Strategies, Vaccination/Treatment/Isolation Policy

Numerical Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis, Parallel Computing, Non-Standard Methods, Convergence Properties, Bifurcation Analysis, Asymptotic Behaviour


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Jaberi-Douraki. M. Pietropaolo M. Schnell S. Khadra A. Unraveling the contribution of pancreatic beta-cell suicide in autoimmune type 1 diabetes. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 375(21)(2015) : 77-87.

Jaberi-Douraki. M. Liu SW. Pietropaolo M. Khadra A. Autoimmune Responses in T1DM: Quantitative Methods to Understand Onset, Progression and Prevention of Disease. Pediatric Diabetes. 15(3)(2014) : 162-174.

Jaberi-Douraki. M. Moghadas SM. Optimal control of vaccination dynamics during an influenza epidemic. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering. 11(5)(2014) : 1045-1063.

Jaberi-Douraki. M. Pietropaolo M. Khadra A. Predictive Models of Type 1 Diabetes Progression: Understanding T-Cell Cycles and Their Implications on Autoantibody Release. PLoS ONE 9(4)(2014) : e93326.

Jaberi-Douraki. M. Moghadas SM. Optimality of a Time-Dependent Treatment Profile during an Epidemic. Journal of Biological Dynamics. 7(1)(2013) : 133-147.

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