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Institute of Computational Comparative Medicine

Dr. Heman Shakeri

H ShakeriPost Doctoral Fellow


Ph.D, Electrical and Computer Engineering Kansas State University


Email: heman@ksu.edu


Conduct research and work on the analysis of structure/function of complex, interconnected networks in natural contexts, such as control/predict of stochastic processes and antimicrobial collateral resistance networks. Design and analysis of clinical trials.


H Shakeri, V Volkova, X Wen, A Deters, C Cull, J Drouillard, C Müller, Establishing statistical equivalence of data from different sampling approaches for assessment of bacterial phenotypic antimicrobial resistance, Applied and environmental microbiology 84 (9), e02724-17

BL Londono-Renteria, H Shakeri, P Rozo-Lopez, MJ Conway, N Duggan, Serosurvey of human antibodies recognizing Aedes aegypti D7 salivary proteins in Colombia, Frontiers in public health 6

H Shakeri, P Poggi-Corradini, N Albin, C Scoglio, Network clustering and community detection using modulus of families of loops, Physical Review E 95 (1), 012316

H Shakeri, N Albin, FD Sahneh, P Poggi-Corradini, C Scoglio, Maximizing algebraic connectivity in interconnected networks, Physical Review E 93 (3), 030301

H Shakeri, FD Sahneh, C Scoglio, P Poggi-Corradini, VM Preciado, Optimal information dissemination strategy to promote preventive behaviours in multilayer epidemic networks, Math. Biosc. Eng 12 (3), 609-623

H Shakeri, P Poggi-Corradini, C Scoglio, N Albin, Generalized network measures based on modulus of families of walks, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 307, 307-318

FD Sahneh, A Vajdi, H Shakeri, F Fan, C Scoglio, GEMFsim: a stochastic simulator for the generalized epidemic modeling framework, arXiv preprint arXiv:1604.02175